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Burial Services

When death occurs, one of the first decisions that must be made is whether to bury or cremate. There are many factors that go into making this choice.  If the family has traditionally chosen burial in previous generations, they may choose earth burial, particularly if the family owns plots together in a local cemetery.  Sometimes the decision to bury is made because the family does not like the idea of cremation.  There are several choices and costs associated with the burial; some of these are covered in the following sections. Burial can be done in the earth (ground burial), in a mausoleum, or at sea.

While cemetery selections and purchases are typically separate from funeral home arrangements, our knowledgeable funeral home staff can help guide you through the cemetery process. Also, each cemetery is governed by their own board of directors therefore prices and guidelines differ from one cemetery to the next. District cemeteries are often much more affordable than privately owned cemeteries.


[Information on Cremation Services]


Types of Burial Services

Immediate Burial

With immediate burial, the body is interned shortly after death, as soon as the necessary documents have been filed. There is no viewing or visitation, so embalming is not necessary.

Some of the necessary decisions for an immediate burial:

  • Choose casket.
  • Whether to embalm or not.
  • Select cemetery and plot.

Graveside Service

As the name says, a graveside service is held in the cemetery at the location of interment. It is a simple remembrance service, conducted by clergy or a family member. Most cemeteries will set up chairs and tents depending upon the weather. If it is meaningful to them, the family can witness the lowering of the casket or drop flowers or a handful of dirt into the grave.

Some of the necessary decisions for a graveside service:

  • Choose casket.
  • If desired, embalming and/or dressing.
  • Select cemetery and plot.
  • Schedule time of graveside service.
  • Request clergy or other officiant.
  • Select flowers if desired.
  • Decide to witness lowering of casket or not.

Memorial Service & Immediate Burial

In conjunction with an immediate burial, many families find it important to have a gathering but without the casket present. Such a service can be conducted at a church or other facility, or at the grave site after the interment is done. Sometimes it is meaningful to have this kind of memorial service at the time the headstone or grave marker is set into place.

Some of the necessary decisions for a memorial service and immediate burial:

  • Choose casket.
  • If desired, embalming and/or dressing.
  • Select cemetery and plot.
  • Choose location and time of memorial service.
  • Request clergy or other officiant.
  • Select flowers if desired.

Funeral & Burial

This is what is often referred to as a “traditional funeral.” There are several distinct parts, some of which are optional.

The first part is called a visitation. A visitation is typically held the afternoon or evening before the funeral service. Catholic families often have a Rosary during the visitation. The visitation typically lasts about three hours, with people coming at the time best for them.

The second part is the funeral service itself. At a funeral service the body is present in either a closed or open casket. Funerals can be held at a church or other facility.

Following the funeral is the graveside service. Often there will be a funeral procession from the place of the funeral to the cemetery. The family can choose to use limousines, a flower car, escorts and the funeral coach (hearse). Attendees will follow behind the funeral coach on the way to the cemetery. A simpler version of this is to simply set a time to meet at the cemetery for the interment.

Some of the necessary decisions for a funeral and burial:

  • Choose casket.
  • If desired, embalming and/or dressing.
  • Select cemetery and plot.
  • Schedule location and time of visitation, funeral and graveside services.
  • Request clergy or other officiant.
  • Select flowers if desired.
  • How will the move to the cemetery be done?
  • Decide to witness lowering of casket or not.

Sea Burial

We do not provide sea burial services ourselves, but we can help make these arrangements by contacting and coordinating with businesses or organization that do.

A Note to Veterans

Honorably discharged veterans have the right to be buried in a National Cemetery with military honors. There is no cost to the veteran or spouse for this benefit. Make sure you have your DD214 form available for the funeral home to make these arrangements for you.

In Conclusion

These choices are very personal. Our job is to support you having the service you want, and that will benefit those who will grieve your loss. Consider putting your wishes in writing so your loved ones won’t have to guess what you would have wanted. Visit the pre-arrangement section of our website for more information.

Which type of service will help you and your loved ones heal?

Having friends and family around you at a difficult time is the first step in the healing process. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral with a viewing or a contemporary service, we want to help you make the right decisions for you and the family and friends of your loved one.  

Too often, people choose a fast service with little time for remembering a life lived. Having a funeral service with time to say goodbye and proper measures in place to ensure that your loved one is remembered now and in the future is important, not only for your healing, but for others as well.

Just imagine: Fifteen years from now, your loved one’s grandchildren will be able to get to know their grandfather thanks to our Book of Memories memorial tribute pages.  Click here to learn more.

​Working Together

Every family is different - with their own sets of beliefs, customs, and traditions. At Chapel of the Valley, we know that each family requires special attention to ensure that their wishes are met. Our goal is to listen, formulate families' ideas, and carry out their requests.

No need or wish is too big or small for our families. And this is important, because many families are unaware of the many options they have when it comes to creating funeral services. They may have been to services before and wondered if certain things could be done a little differently - we are here to help them realize that idea.


The Funeral Ceremony

People often confuse not having traditional earth burial as not having a funeral.  Even if a family chooses cremation over traditional earth burial, they can still have a meaningful memorial service.

If you would like to share this moment with your broad network of family and friends, we will help you spread the word. We’ll use our print and online channels to bring the community together to celebrate your loved one’s life.

You can choose to hold your ceremony in our beautiful chapel or you can choose to hold it elsewhere. Just let us know what you prefer.

Burial Services

If you’ve chosen to have your loved one buried, you may want the casket present at the service. Many people choose to hold a viewing prior to the service. Whichever option you choose, we will work with you to ensure that you have every opportunity to bring family and friends together to say a final goodbye before the burial. For more information on our Burial Services, click here.

Cremation Services

If you choose cremation, we strongly recommend that you hold a memorial service to help you and your loved ones in the healing process. Please contact us to learn about all of the options available to you. For more information on our Cremation Services, Click Here

What’s next?

While it’s important to think about the details of the service and how you’ll keep your loved one’s memory alive, it’s just as important to involve others in the decision. We encourage you to bring family and friends together to discuss their needs and desires.

If you need further assistance or advice, please contact us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.  Click here to contact us.

[Information on Cremation Services]

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