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Cremation Services

Simply put, Cremation is the accelerated reduction of the remains to “ash” through the process of heat and fire. “Ashes” are better referred to as cremated remains, which are simply the calcium compounds left from the skeletal structure of the body after cremation is complete.
[Information on Burial Services]

While cremation is a simpler and often less expensive choice than burial, many of the same or similar options are still available. For instance:

  • A visitation or funeral (with the body present) can be held prior to cremation. A rental or cremation casket can be used.
  • A graveside service can be held at the cemetery interment (either ground or in a niche).
  • A burial at sea (scattering) by boat or air.

However, cremation does allow some options that burial of the body does not. For instance:

  • The cremated remains can be kept at home permanently or temporarily.
  • There is no rush to schedule services (unless a funeral is chosen where the body will be present). A memorial can be conducted at any time.
  • The cremated remains can be divided so that several family members can keep a portion, or for scattering at different locations. (See below, “About Private Disposition.”)
  • The cremated remains can be transported very easily.

How Can I Be Sure....

Almost all funeral establishments offer cremation. Some have their own crematory, some do not – they contract with another company to perform cremation for the clients they serve. In California it is required that every crematory have a system of tracking and identification to ensure the accurate handling of human remains. Both funeral establishments and crematory businesses are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with these regulations. If you have concerns about this, it is important that you ask your funeral director to describe the tracking and identification procedures that the crematory uses.

Containers Used In the Cremation Process

For cremation in California, it is required by law that the body be held in a closed container, called a “cremation container”. The typical minimum cremation container is simply a cardboard box. However, there are alternative containers and caskets made specifically for cremation.

The cremated remains are returned to the funeral home in a temporary container, usually made of plastic. This plastic box may be suitable for the purposes of the family, but there are many urns available that are designed for specific dispositions or for keeping at home.

Decisions You Must Make If You Choose Cremation

  • Will the cardboard cremation container be acceptable for you?
  • Will you want an urn other than the temporary plastic box.
  • Will you have a service before or after the cremation? Do you want to view or have the body present?
  • What will you do with the cremated remains? Bury? Scatter? Keep at home?

About Private Disposition

Most states and localities have regulations regarding the disposition of human cremated remains. It is important that you confer with your funeral director or regulatory board to determine the legality of what you are considering. Burial or scattering of cremated remains on your own private property is your decision, however there may be complicating factors to consider if you plan to sell or move away from the property.


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