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Advance Planning

It is understandable that most people don’t care to think about death and planning their own funeral. One of the disconcerting things about death is that no one knows when, where or how it will come…but come it will. Since this is so, it seems only logical that someone should know what to do when death occurs.

Making advance arrangements for your funeral lets those that will mourn your death know what to do. Most people wait until it is too late to plan. In these cases the funeral director meets with the family members to discuss, arrange and pay for what they decide to do for the deceased. This is problematic in two ways:

  1. By not planning one relinquishes control over what they want to happen following their death, and
  2. The family is left to guess what the deceased might want with no clear direction.

Both of these circumstances are fraught with anxiety and unneeded stress.

There are many benefits to prearranging.

If you have any questions or would prefer to speak to someone directly, please contact us.

The whole point of planning in advance is peace of mind. Having these benefits provides this peace of mind. Advance planning allows you to think through your wishes and make decisions that are right for you. It is a loving and responsible thing to do for yourself and those you love.

Choose the way you'll be remembered

How do you want to be remembered? Maybe you had a long career in the military that you'd like to celebrate. Maybe you love animals and would like to encourage donations in your memory to your local humane society. When you pre-arrange your funeral, you put your wishes on paper so that your loved ones will know exactly how to celebrate your life and honor your memory.

Make it easier on your loved ones — emotionally and financially

Did you know that there are more than 70 details that need to be tended to in the first 24 hours after a death? Are your loved ones ready for all that responsibility?

When you pre-arrange, you make those first 24 hours easier for your loved ones. You also save them money. The stress of making last-minute funeral arrangements often causes people to make unnecessary purchases. By taking care of the arrangements yourself, you free them from spending more than they need too.

Protect yourself and your family from rising funeral costs

Like most things, funeral costs tend to rise every year. That means that a funeral today will probably cost less than the same funeral three or four years from now. Paying for your funeral now will save your loved ones money when you pass on.

Let your family know your final wishes

Pre-arrangement takes the guess work out of funeral planning. When you pre-arrange your funeral, everyone benefits. You know that your wishes will be carried out and your loved ones know exactly how to honor you.

What do you need to pre-arrange your funeral? See our Pre-Arrangement Checklist.

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