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What's Involved?

First Things...

If a death has occurred and you need to know who to call first, GO HERE

There several calls that need to be made following a death. Here is a list of the most important calls to be made in the days immediately following the death.

Making Calls

After notifying us of the death, there are several calls that must be made. Some calls can be made by people other than you, and this will help with feeling overwhelmed. Often people will want to know what they can do, and making calls is a good way to allow them to support you.

  1. The Funeral Director
    After the initial notification, we will call you to set an appointment with us to begin making arrangements. We will need some basic information about the deceased and you. You can download our form with all the required items of information. We suggest that you complete this prior to your appointment.
  2. Family and Friends
    Make a list of the family and friends that will need to be called. This can help you decide which calls you need to make yourself, and which you can get help with.
  3. Employer
    If the deceased was employed at the time of death, that employer should be notified soon. Check to see if there is any pay due, or other accrued benefits.
  4. Insurance Companies
    If the deceased had any life insurance, the insurance company needs to be called to confirm the benefit. In order to claim the benefit, you will need a certified copy of the death certificate. We will help you obtain these copies. If you are planning to use the life insurance benefit to cover mortuary costs, you should plan on bringing the policy to the funeral home. If the deceased had a funeral insurance policy, you should bring that to our attention and provide us with a copy of the policy.

Making Decisions

It is very common for people who have just experienced a death to experience a lot of stress regarding “everything that needs to be done.” This is understandable, and this is where you can rely upon us to help you through this time. Until you meet with us, nothing really needs to be done by you except maybe the calls listed above and take care of yourself.

At your appointment with us, we will discuss several things that will need a decision by you. The links below will direct you to information for you to consider in making these decisions. We will be able to answer any questions you have.

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